What is the Leftist Marching Band?
The Leftist Marching Band supports political issues that some folks would call "liberal."
We prefer to call them the "good causes."
Basically, we want to use the marching band genre to have fun, make music, and create a unified, progressive voice in the community.
Its about humanity, not political conflict.
We want to combat fear with hope and humor.

What the Leftist Marching Band is NOT!

The LMB does not support any particular political party or ideology.

We encourage you to consider all perspectives and think for yourself.


 The LMB is not a radical militant group.

Even though we can get darn fed up with fascists, patriarchal, capitalistic jerks, we believe in peaceful expression and support for tolerance.

The LMB is not a money-making venture,

because money tends to ruin everything.

To find out how you can join the Leftist Marching Band
and make your voice heard, click here.