10th Anniversary Bash

The Leftist Marching Band of Portsmouth will celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 23-

24, 2014, with a weekend of musical events. As its key event of the weekend, the band

invites the Seacoast community to the Saturday night 10th Anniversary Bash featuring:

  • Performances by the LMB and some guest musicians
  • A slide show highlighting favorite moments in band history
  • An LMB trivia contest
  • Birthday cake
  • Cash bar. 

The Anniversary Bash will take place at the Portsmouth VFW Post 168, 238 Deer Street, on

May 24, 7:30-11:30 PM. Attendees must be over 21. Entry is free, with donations to the

Common Table, a Portsmouth program providing meals for all the hungry, gladly


The band started in 2004 as a “pep band for the left” during the presidential campaign

that pitted Sen. John Kerry against first-term incumbent President George W. Bush.

Since then, the LMB has taken on causes as varied as campaign finance reform,

climate change, pay equity, health care reform, gay marriage rights, and public beach

access, or what the band refers to as “the good causes.” For 10 years the LMB has

mysteriously and unpredictably appeared to play on the streets of Portsmouth, with

occasional forays as far afield as Concord, Manchester, Exeter, Portland, and Boston.

The LMB has been a consistent performer in the annual HONK! festival of street bands

in Somerville, MA. Most recently, the LMB marched with the Veterans for Peace in the

Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade in South Boston.

The LMB is an open band with no discernible structure. The group has welcomed a

wide range of players over its 10 year history. One of the LMB’s mottos is “Our music is

better than it sounds.” Band representative Charkee Magee says, “It’s been a great 10

years, and we really want to celebrate with our community. We don’t know exactly who

or where they are, but we hope to see many former LMBers, friends, and fans on May

23-24, and they should definitely be ready to party.”

The LMB’s music covers a wide range of genres, from punk and heavy metal to Sousa

marches, waltzes, klezmer, and jazz. One of the band’s specialties is “relyricing” songs. 

Instrumentation can be creative, combining horns, percussion, and saxophones

with violin, guitar, and kazoo.

For up-to-the-minute information about the LMB 10th Anniversary Bash, visit the band on Facebook